The Korvosan Chronicle - Erastus 29th, 4708

Royal Census Underway

The Chronicle cordially reminds the citizens of Korvosa of the start of Her Most Radiant Majesty's census, which occurs today. As heralded by the last number of our publication, this census serves a dual purpose: it serves as a much needed update to the severely outdated records of our city's citizens, allowing our Most Radiant a better perception of of Her subjects and their needs, and as a much needed assurance that the blight of blood veil can be considered abated. For this purpose, royal agents will be collecting not only information pertaining to each individual citizen, but also a sample of their blood.

Cooperation with this process is not only mandatory but in the best interests of the populace. Additionally, unregistered and illegal peoples living in the city can obtain immediate citizenship during this process by providing proof of employment and housing. 

Endrin Isle Quarantine to be Lifted as Soon as Possible

Discussions in Peerage Review on the past Oathday were made public to the Chronicle, with the controversial subject of lifting Endrin Isle's quarantine occupying front and center in the disclosed information. The issue was brought on by Lady Asmodea, acting Head of House Ornelos, upon news that the Isle seems to have been pacified recently. 

The quarantine was decreed on Erastus 17th during the Queen's address to the city, a reactive measure to the rampant bout of blood veil that seemed to dominate the district. The district of Old Korvosa counted the largest number of identified cases of the disease, and presented the highest reoccurrence rate even after the announcement and distribution of a cure. The quarantine is being attended to by the district's Guards as well as the Temple of Aroden's Promise, for whom supply lines have been established to provide both the cure and resources. However, due to rampant gang activity and generalized chaos beyond the Narrows, many of these supply lines were often compromised, and little did arrive to the Temple. Recently, reports have claimed that most of the perceived gang activity responsible for the delay in treating the district has ceased, and that a semblance of order has been restored. 

Upon these news, Lady Asmodea motioned to lift the quarantine, despite the fact that there is no discernible proof that blood veil has been eradicated. Lady Asmodea can be quoted in claiming: "The isolated district is, for all intents and purposes, a part of Korvosa under attack while the quarantine continues. Had this chaos come to us in the form of armies at the gates, we would not have suffered it so long. It must be reclaimed." Other presented motives concern the effective loss of the strait and difficulty in restoring naval commerce (which was seconded by Lord Jeggare – with numbers from his own ledger); and the related absence of Lord Glorio and Lady Meliya Arkona from the Review (leaving only four Houses on Review).

Most Radiant Queen Ileosa agreed that the quarantine should be lifted soon, but expressed concern over the total eradication of blood veil, wisely stating that: "In order to protect Our citizens from possible contagion should the disease continue, it is necessary to ascertain that no more cases remain within the quarantine. It is necessary to send a scouting patrol to ensure it." Our Most Radiant has promised to have the quarantine lifted as soon as possible, but not before she is assured she will not bring the blight upon the City again. As such, by the end of this week, the first Guard and Grey Maiden patrols will venture into Endrin Isle. Their objective is to ascertain both that the district has indeed been pacified with the disruptive gangs having destroyed one another, and that everyone inside has been cured.

Integration of Former Marines "Complicated"

Nearly ten days after the dissolution of the Sable Company, integration of the former Marines in the ranks of the Korvosan Guard has been described as "complicated" and "based on improvisation" by several of the Korvosan Guard officials. The former Marines have to contend not only with being grounded, but also with a new set of tactics, rules and conventions. 

"There is no true integration thus far." Captain Amella Caritas of the Heights District claimed. "The Marines have been herded into their own patrols and despite the absence of their mounts, continue to perform much as they did before." When asked to what this division could be attributed, Captain Caritas stated that "Ser Alexan Endrin still acts as Commandant and that has been extremely detrimental to integration. The Marines feel as though they have been grounded, but at the end of the day remain Marines, when this is not the case. It would be wise of Ser Endrin to deliver command to his new superior officer and relinquish himself into the position of sargent."

When confronted with this statement, Ser Alexan Endrin aggressively and viciously retorted, "Do you expect me and my men to assimilate a set of tactics based on a completely different training overnight? Do you expect cavalry to turn into infantry at the drop of a hat? How would Captain Caritas do if within ten days she had to learn to ride a griffon, patrol from above and perform her duties a hundred meters above ground and flying 30-odd miles per hour?" 

Though one can sympathize with the Marines' difficulties in adapting to their new position, it has been stated that many of the issues are caused by Ser Endrin's inability to relinquish control himself. When questioned about this situation, Captain Nino Triarius of Midland, who has been tasked with integrating Ser Alexan Endrin's company, had the following to say: "I understand Ser Endrin's position. If I found myself demoted to corporal at this point in my career I would be fairly upset as well. However, Captain Caritas welcomed very few Marines into her district, so I don't see how she could have an opinion on this matter. Ser Endrin's statement is accurate: we simply can not expect a cavalry to turn into infantry overnight, and a Marine's training differs from a Guard's training. They must now get used to a different set of weapons and armor, they need to become familiar with the tactics, and that takes time. I must however applaud the former Marines for impeccable physical fitness, which has made the process smoother than I had expected it to be."

As for integration, Captain Triarius added, "It was not Ser Endrin's choice to form patrols of his own men. It was mine. These men have worked with each other for very long, but they have not worked with us. They have camaraderie to one another and know of each other's capacities. They can help each other overcome the new challenges, and they trust Ser Alexan Endrin. It may seem as though they are isolated within the force, but I need to make these forces work and they work best in this manner. At a later date, when things have become calmer, we will work on further integration, and then perhaps reform the patrols."

The Korvosan Chronicle - Erastus 29th, 4708

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