The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 5th, 4708

Three Dead in First Expedition to Endrin Isle

The Chronicle regrets to inform that Grey Maiden soldiers Belinna Devel, Mara Belimarius and Alexandria Casocas were felled in the line of duty in Old Korvosa on Toilday last. The three brave soldiers had integrated the first scouting party sent to Endrin Isle to ascertain the state of affairs in hopes of swiftly lifting the quarantine. Witnesses from the remainder of their unit claim that they were beset upon by a group of unidentified men who attempted to rob them, among which was a member of the Mierani Embassy – the same man who was extracted mysteriously from Carowyn Manor after the massacre of the Carowyn family at the ends of elven woman Jolistina Susperio. At the time of the massacre in Carowyn Manor, the man in question was presented as a hero for keeping Lord Ausio Carowyn from harm. However, in light of his actions against the Grey Maidens, his intents are now once again under scrutiny.

The Mierani Embassy has released a statement claiming that while several members of its operating military have gone missing between riots and the plague, the description of this man alone is insufficient to identify him as someone from the Embassy. Ambassador Kalissreavil stated the following: "The description of this perpetrator delivered to us by Matron Kordaitra is extremely vague. It fits nearly half of our missing men and several of those still in duty, but it is also too faint to immediately jump to the conclusion one of them is responsible. The description, which I wholeheartedly believe to be as accurate as the witnesses could make it, is almost a caricature of what most humans perceive to be an elf. This alleged elf could well be a foreign ranger, a forlorn, or a human posing as such. It is not enough to draw any conclusions on. I especially take umbrage of the term «obviously of elven heritage» included in this description. What does this consist of? It feels as though you believe we all look alike." When questioned about his missing people – not excluding his lawful son Adrion – the Ambassador refused to provide concrete answers, saying: "This Embassy has been on lockdown since the announcement of the plague. My own son Adrion waived a safe haven within its walls to aid the people of Korvosa in fighting the blight. If one of ours has gone rogue while on the outside, the embassy has no means to learn of it, now has it? Did the men who deserted the Korvosan Guard during the riots fill a three-way form validated and stamped by a bureaucrat, claiming for all intents and purposes they were about to run before they went about it?"

While the ambassador seems to find the situation humorous, Matron Kordaitra has stated that if Kalissreavil will not rein in his own people, she will. "We will actively pursue this man.", she stated, "He has committed crimes within this city and diplomatic immunity will not save him. The ambassador refuses to identify this man as one of his own – then he will be treated as a criminal by us. And once he is caught, the ambassador would do well not to meddle in the City's handling of him."

For the time being, the murderer remains at large. The Chronicle has unsuccessfully attempted to contact Lord Ausio Carowyn, only to find that as the last of his lineage, he has taken a prolonged voyage to visit relatives in Cheliax and could not be contacted. We urge any and all who can provide any information on this person – including a more thorough description from sightings during the Carowyn Manor massacre – to contact the Order of Grey Maidens. Funerals for the fallen women will occur today.  

Lady Zanderholm Condemns Clarion

Lady Zenobia Zanderholm, who has recently left the public eye in the arduous toil of processing and judging the people arrested during the Day of Destiny riots, has issued a written statement condemning the Clarion for its propagandist nature and the remarks on our Most Radiant Queen. Lady Zanderholm considers the publication "a detriment to public order and a purveyor of misinformation", especially considering their attacks on the Throne. "It is easy for one to criticize and condemn while providing no insight or opinion of how matters should be settled. It adds nothing to this City's communal efforts to return to order and becomes cause for more social distress. We have upon the Throne a Queen that rose to power during our City's most complex crisis, a Queen which takes sometimes radical and controversial measures in order to protect Her people, as evident by the fact the quarantine of Endrin Isle stands and will continue to stand up until the moment when it can be made evident the plague has abated." 

In our Most Radiant Ileosa, First of Her Name, Lady Zanderholm sees wisps of a previous monarch – Queen Domina. "Like Domina, our Most Radiant has come upon the Throne at a time of chaos, and like Domina, She has proclaimed measures that seem strict – many have called them tyrannical – in order to attain the foremost goal of insuring a return to peace, and laying the foundations for a new era of prosperity. Like Domina, our Most Radiant has been criticized on all fronts and earned no shortage of enemies. But this is a Queen's duty: to boldly rule despite hardship, instead of cowering in fear of potential foes. To usher her people into the path of discipline. To sacrifice public face in lieu of what must be done." 

As for the open letter published by the Clarion, allegedly written by former Inspector Hadrianus de Magistris, Lady Zanderholm has concerns regarding its validity. "I have passing acquaintance with the former inspector. I do not envision him writing such filth." Lady Zanderholm has also called out the Clarion of its sources. "The Chronicle's disclosure is validated by a magistrate. The Clarion is an illegal publication. There is no way to verify what they publish. I was asked to look into this particular number and to verify these statements and find them lacking in verisimilitude. If the Clarion wants us to believe de Magistris indeed wrote this open letter, let them present the original for calligraphy comparison." 

As always, Lady Zanderholm released this writ, which can be read in complete form freely at the Hall of Records, in her capacity as Head of House Zanderholm and a member of the magistrate. The statement, however, includes a call to the Bank of Abadar to disavow rumor and support the lawful ruler. "In these troubled times, we all must stand by our convictions in terms of black and white. There is no room for gray areas, and the Archbanker must also make his stance public. To stand with our Most Radiant is to stand for law, for order, safety and the pursuit of prosperity for all. To stand against Her is to deliver oneself to disorder and mayhem. Our Queen stands as the only structure that can save us from absolute turmoil. This is evident to me as a person of the clergy as I am sure it is evident to the Archbanker. I urge Darb Tuttle to publicly show his support soon, for the sake of the people."

Arkona Silence Prompts Operation Search and Retrieve

Because of the recent ventures into Endrin Isle, Grey Maiden unit commander Sheila Moranus has announced the start of Operation Search and Retrieve, in which a unit of Grey Maidens backed by two units of the Korvosan Guard will attempt to make contact with the noble family. This operation has been prompted by the discovery that the Old Korvosa Precinct has been abandoned. 

"We haven't managed to reach the Temple of Aroden's Promise as of yet.", commander Sheila has stated, "There are other units currently striving to establish contact. Our concern manifests with the absence of agents of the Arkona personal guard and apparent attacks on the Precinct. The building is in ruins, a fire has consumed a good portion of it and surrounding structures, and at present we are unsure of where its garrison is, if it survived." 

Field Marshal Kroft has proclaimed that along with accompanying the scouting Grey Maidens, she is in contact with the Captain of North Point to send a force to Aroden's Promise immediately. "Given that the temple itself stands very close to the Narrows, it baffles me how it wasn't the prime target of a scouting party. News that the Precinct has been destroyed reached us second hand and after several requests for shared information. Now that this information is finally available to us, we can begin works: the Precinct must be thoroughly searched and examined, and the missing district garrison must be accounted for. It would make sense to me that they would gather in Aroden's Promise as it is an easily defended structure."

The main unit, on the other hand, will attempt to make their way to Palace Arkona, but commander Sheila has little hope. "We have managed to scout it from afar. The gates are open and there seems to be little in the way of activity inside the palace. We fear the worst." 

Should it be made evident that the Arkona succumbed to the gangs that warred in Endrin Isle after the quarantine was decreed, the Peerage Review will be short of one of their representatives. The Chronicle will remain vigilant in what concerns this matter.

The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 5th, 4708

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