The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 26th, 4708

House Leroung Refuses Peerage Review

On Oathday last, Our Most Radiant Queen has addressed the court to extend a formal invitation to the empty fifth seat of Peerage Review. The honor falls to House Leroung in the form of its most active court personality, Custodius Leroung, who would go on to formally extend the invitation to his aunt and current Head of House, Lady Eliasia Leroung. 

However, and still on Oathday last, the response to this invitation came back as a negative. Lady Eliasia briefly and politely declined the invitation, offering no further justification for the House's rebuttal, and refusing to comment on the matter with the Chronicle. In much the same way, Lord Custodius relayed his aunt's response to court but remained unable to provide reasons for Lady Eliasia's refusal. Peerage Review will continue deliberations for the fifth seat – presently the stakes are high as a minor House will no doubt have chances of coming to the table. Lord Mercival Jeggare, who was present at the table, told the Chronicle that, "While I am sure it is most disappointing for all involved, it comes as no surprise that Leroung refused the seat. While many of its younger members are common presences at court, Lady Eliasia herself has always showed very little interest in politics. The lady may feel as though she is too inexperienced or otherwise occupied with matters pertaining to their businesses abroad to take the seat. Regardless, we respect the decision."

Alma Derannus Ordained Into Magistrate of Commerce

Having won the poll by over 70% votes, Alma Derannus has been ordained to the Magistrate of Commerce on Toilday last. Magister Derannus will take the vacancy left by the death of Magister Garrick Tann, being most preoccupied with tax collection and revenue. Derannus was welcomed into the magistrate and given the Queen's blessing for the challenges to come. Having a long career in bureaucracy at the Hall of Records, Alma was chosen from over fifty possible candidates as the most well-acquainted with the subject and most likely to do well in her promotion. 

It is also important to point out that Derannus takes this important task at a time of change in the Korvosan law regarding economics. Discussions have been confirmed on the possibility that taxing occurs directly toward the Royal treasuries instead of being collected and processes by the Bank of Abadar. In this ingenious change, Our Most Radiant Queen hopes to gain a better grasp of budgetary issues, both in collection and distribution, as a way to form a plan to pull Korvosa from under our recent economic troubles. The Bank of Abadar has urged Alma Derannus to, and we quote, "Keep clean records, settle plans and follow them." They have also offered to instruct the magistrate on the handling of funds and on the lines of credit that must continue to be assured. However, Derannus is not concerned. This she had to say about the issue: "With the blessing of Her Majesty one can do anything. I do not fear the challenge."

The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 26th, 4708

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