The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 19th, 4708

Peerage Review to Deliberate on Fifth Seat

Following the continued efforts of Operation Search and Retrieve, and due to lack of evidence on the whereabouts of the Lords Glorio and Meliya Arkona, Our Most Radiant Queen Ileosa, First of Her Name, has decreed that House Arkona has lost its Peerage Review seat. "Our most sincere condolences go to Lord Tiono Arkona and his family." Our Most Radiant declared, "They have lost their Heads of House and many members of their first and second branch in this terrible event. We can not, in good conscience, ask Lord Tiono to occupy this seat and bring upon him further responsibilities when all of his time and effort will be required at home. As such, the Arkona are removed from Peerage Review to allow the House to rebuild and reassess their situation."

Starting today, the Peerage Review will commence the process of filling in the empty fifth seat. We can expect a formal invitation to be made before one of the Great Houses soon. In the absence of a Great House that may take this seat, it is expected one of the minor noble Houses will see its status raised to occupy the fifth seat. However, the Peerage Review has not forsaken Korvosa in the meantime. Lord Mercival Jeggare commented the following on the issue: "It has been an uphill battle, for sure, there is plenty to do. However, this too shall be overcome. For the next sessions we will discuss the matter of the empty fifth seat. But this is not all these sessions will be about."

While court favor has quickly fallen upon House Leroung, many believe Bromathan has a good chance of seeing its status raised with an invitation to the Peerage Review table. However, others feel as if this would bring about a conflict of interests with the presently seated House Endrin. Kroft has also been named for the seat, however the honor would fall to Lord Damien Kroft, as the current Head of House – Field Marshal Cressida Kroft – would not be allowed at the table due to her present duty to the Korvosan Guard. 

Further Violence in North Point Thwarted by Grey Maidens

Fireday last saw a bout of violent conflict between rioters in the district of North Point. A patrol of Grey Maidens was viciously attacked by a group of civilians with the intent of relieving the women of their arms and armors and capturing or killing them. We have reasons to believe this attack was inspired by the illegal bulletin called The Clarion, for their continued propagandism and spreading of dissent. 

Matron Kordaitra Destaid explained the event. "The patrol was on its way to the Narrows to relieve some of our women in Operation Search and Retrieve around 1900 hours when they were assaulted. Insults and threats were made towards the patrol, which quickly escalated into acts of violence. Despite their discipline and agility to action, the patrol was outnumbered and overwhelmed. In self defense, they drew their swords and quenched the outburst, at the cost of several civilian lives and three casualties on the Order's side." Matron Destaid further added that there are reasons to believe that one of the perpetrators was former Hounds' Chief Inspector, Damiano Magnus. "However, this is a suspicion we could not prove. While the man in question was captured and joined by manacles with one of our own, he drew a dagger and stabbed her to death. Then he used the same dagger to undo his own wrist, as the manacles endured his attempts to open it, and make his escape."

The presumed Chief Inspector escaped, yet Matron Kordaitra believes that he might not have lived. "His self-inflicted injuries were too severe for him not to bleed to death in his attempt. I expect we will find his corpse soon, if it didn't find its ways to the sewers or Jeggare Bay. But it goes to show Korvosa how pervasive the spirit of treason is among the populace. This man willingly separated with his own hand in the attempt. For the Order it is a clear sign that they are dangerous and will make use of every means to disrupt the law. They are unafraid of grievous injury or death. They will not stop and therefore must be stopped before they succeed."

We at the Chronicle urge any citizens who hold information on this matter to come forth on their local Guard Precinct and present their testimony. Tips and information on uncovering other members of this rebellion will be richly rewarded.

Magister Garrick Tann Found Dead

The Chronicle regrets to inform that Magister Garrick Tann, previously in charge of tax collection and revenue, was found dead in his home in The Heights yesterday. The body was discovered by house servants yesterday, in the early hours of the morning, hanging from the neck from the balustrade of his hall. Magister Tann has left behind a brief farewell note to his wife, though the suicide comes as a shock for all.

Our Most Radiant Queen Ileosa has forwarded her heartfelt condolences to the widow, who could provide no motive for the suicide. By all reports, Magister Tann had been troubled in his revenue duties due to the economic troubles that hold Korvosa in a vice still, however the family felt as though this would not warrant suicide. Pharasmin priests have collected the body for burial to happen on Toilday next. Presently, it has not been disclosed who will occupy the magister's functions, though it is expected that a member of the bureaucratic gathering of the Hall of Records will be promoted to the spot.  

The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 19th, 4708

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