The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 12th, 4708

Main Branch of Arkona Anihilated?

The continued collaboration of the Korvosan Guard and the Order of Grey Maidens, with the objective of pacifying and recovering Endrin Isle, has finally broken through to Palace Arkona, where they found clear evidences of violence: the bodies of several known Arkona agents as well as house staff have been retrieved from the estate, as well as what looks like the remains of odd and monstrous creatures. Of the siblings Glorio and Meliya Arkona, there was no trace found – however, the house safe seems to have been broken into and their larder has been raided, pointing to robbery as a motive. 

"It is too early to make statements over the situation." Matron Kordaitra states in her report, "As no bodies have been recovered that can be identified as either Lord Glorio or Lady Meliya, searches of the House will continue to be carried out until we can safely state that the Lords Arkona are amiss or deceased." When questioned as to what or whom could have been responsible for this outrageous massacre, Lady Kordaitra replied, "Gang warfare is the most likely explanation. We have evidence that in the wake of quarantine a massive gang of thugs formed dockside under one Pilts Swastel. This gang has been rumored to be responsible for much of the destruction we have seen in the district. Witnesses also claim they are responsible for the plethora of arson cases we have been uncovering throughout the district. It is likely they have also attacked and successfully murdered the Arkona family."

Several arrests were made on Fireday last, mostly former members of the Swastel gang. These witnesses have admitted to much of the district's destruction, yet deny ever having attacked Palace Arkona. In their own telling, the gang was dismissed when their dockside safe house was attacked by a small group of men and women who had petitioned to speak to their leader. As of yet, due to the ongoing investigations, the identity of these people and further reports from the prisoners have remained secret to all but the Search and Retrieve operatives. 

Field Marshal Kroft has entreated the Church of Pharasma to lend their aid. "There are many that require proper burial rites, not only in Palace Arkona but throughout Old Korvosa. In wake of the plague event the city has suffered, it is imperative to collect these bodies and sanitize the district as quickly as possible." In response, High Priestess Keppira D'Bear has granted permission to any willing volunteers to join the efforts of Operation Search and Retrieve.

Our Most Radiant Majesty has declared that there will be a week's wait until the whereabouts of the Lords Arkona are made evident, during which the House will continue to hold its seat in Peerage Review. However, the Peerage has also preemptively begun preparations to welcome a new House at the table. The surviving members of House Arkona have been contacted with the news, several of which also seem to be amiss or traveling. Thus far, the seat of the House seems to fall on Tiono Arkona, elder member of the House's tertiary branch. Lord Tiono could not explain the sudden absence of his family, saying that despite the fact many of its members move in ships throughout the seas at any given time, it is unusual of them not to notify the House of their absence. In what regards the strange remains found at the site, Lord Tiono could offer no certainty of what they could be, but seems unworried. "It is widely known that Arkona imports much from Vudra. I would assume these creatures are part of some specific security detail our branch had no need of knowing of and therefore was not informed about. My cousin Glorio enjoyed the Vudrani aesthetics. This is like him."

Court Wizard Condemns Academae Anew

Court wizard Togomor came out publicly last Wealday to condemn the action of the Academae in keeping their barriers up and their doors closed. According to the mage, as citizens of the city, it is the duty of all within the organization to join the city in its time of need, and inertia on their part cannot be admitted. "I must not condemn the reason why the barriers were put into place.", the mage states, "However I must speak out against their continued lockdown. In fact, I would be most pleased to respectfully question the Head of Ornelos as to the reason why this situation continues. Is Lord Tofflus Ornelos keeping his faculty hostage? Is this another rebellion waiting to happen?"

While Lady Asmodea Ornelos has refused to comment on the state of affairs, Lady Alicia Ornelos has addressed the Peerage and the Throne to provide a response to the public on this matter. Lady Alicia has reinforced the notion that no member of Ornelos has had contact with Lord Tofflus since the barriers have gone up, as they bar any sort of arcane connection to the inside. "And if it is another rebellion you fear," Lady Alicia added, "then you should be grateful those barriers are up, should you not? If some issue has transpired within the Academae, as your court wizard has suggested, then it is a good thing that the repercussions are contained. In this sense, the barrier is not keeping the faculty within safe from the rest of us. Rather, it is keeping whatever problem there is within contained."

Lady Alicia went on to suggest that this situation is not problematic. "Surely the Peerage Review and the Throne have plenty to keep them occupied as is, without having to muse on what else is happening within the Academae. If there is a problem, it is contained and other matters take precedence. If there is not, then what is there to worry about? Yes, perhaps we could use arcane aid – but we have it, haven't we? My granddaughter is learned in the ways of magic. So is our dear court wizard, whom I understand was brought here with that specific function in mind, and I am sure he is more than capable in his art. Otherwise, why would he be at court? To look pretty next to the Throne?"

House Ornelos is still grieving on the loss of Lord Manius Ornelos, former Peerage Review representative and the lawful successor to the seat of the House. Lord Manius Ornelos was murdered on Sarenith 29th under mysterious circumstances. While Lady Asmodea Ornelos has been representing her House as interim Head since, officially the privilege falls still under Lord Tofflus Ornelos, who has been sequestered inside the Academae since Day of Destiny. Many among court fear a war of succession will follow once the barriers come down. "And yet, why do you bother?" Lady Alicia commented on the matter, "Again, the Peerage Review has plenty to worry about at the moment. We will deal with such an issue if we get to it. For the moment, Ornelos is stable and more concerned with sorting through this mess."

The Korvosan Chronicle - Arodus 12th, 4708

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